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Treasure your flowers forever, whether its your wedding flowers, funeral flowers or flowers from another memorable occasion. We can preserve your beautiful flowers and encapsulate them in resin to make make an amazing keepsake.


This listing is for a CUSTOM MADE teardrop paperweight:


Width: 6cm (widest point)
Height: 6.5cm


Prices are dependant on whether we make the mould bespoke, based on your own design (as per the pics) or whether we provide alternative shapes and sizes including hearts, semi circular, circular or square designs using pre-existing moulds.


The size you purchase is often dictated by the size of your flowers and whether you wish to preserve the full flower head, just the petals or the flowers, foliage and leaves.




Flowers may shrink or change colour during the drying process – this can depend on many factors, such as how mature the flowers are, if they’ve been sprayed with any chemicals and the state in which we receive them.


As these items are handmade they will not look like they have been manufactured by machine and occasionally small imperfections such as small bubbles, indents and bulges in the resin may occur – but this usually adds to the handmade charm.


Flowers must be thoroughly dried before preservation or the flowers could spoil.


Whilst we can accept whole bouquets, unfortunately due to space we can’t dry, keep and send back any remaining flowers so we recommend you pick out the flowers that you would like to use in your design and send these to us.


Please keep all custom pieces away from sunlight and chemicals (perfume, polishes, cleaning sprays, soaps etc) to avoid discolouration or fading.


The items can be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth if needed. The items can scratch so keep it away from rough/sharp surfaces.

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